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About Peter Byard


Peter is a qualified Horticulturalist & a licensed landscaper  and has been operating on the Sapphire Coast for the past 10 years.


Peter studied horticulture, completing a certificate III, and since then has been involved in the horticultural & environmental industries, working in a wholesale nursery, landscaping in London and working in the hydrology and environmental monitoring industry .


Passion and Professionalism 


With ample experience designing, constructing and maintaining gardens and from past horticultural and environmental knowledge, Peter has come to love creating sustainable, aesthetic and functional gardens.

After creating many different styles of gardens over the years, Peter works with a large palate of plants that will suit the style you are looking as well as the local climate and soils of your garden. Plants are a passion, as is creating water sustainable gardens through correct plant selection & water harvesting techniques.

Low Maintenance Specialist


Another aspect of gardening that Peter has developed through client consultations and questionnaires is the need for low maintenance gardening to match the busy lifestyles we all lead.


Low maintenance gardening is created by the coming together of a number of elements that complete the garden as a whole.


Garden Hose Sprinkler
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