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The Design Process


Design and client consultation is a big part of constructing the garden you are looking for.

It helps our team to understand your garden requirements and for the client to understand the vision of the garden that can be created for you. Also important is outlinbing the steps and costs involved to bring the garden to fruition.


The design process begins by giving us a call to organise a meeting on site.  Next, we will email you a questionnaire which will help us establish your requirements and decide on the direction.


It is also a major benefit if you can organise a scale site plan of your house and its position on the block.  This helps in the measuring-up stage.  Underground piping and cabling position are also very useful to assist the design process.

During the meeting we go through the questionnaire and discuss landscape objectives and budget.  We will need to do a site analysis and measure any existing plants, structures and services.

Once all information is compiled it will be time for us to create the garden you have aways desired.


When all design work is complete we will arrange to meet again to brief you on the design and answer any questions.

Once the design is finalised a quote will be emailed to you and a deposit will be required for the design and 1/3 of construction costs.

If you would like to construct the garden yourself we can supply all the specifications regarding quantities required to do the job.


As the creation of your garden proceeds, progressive payments may be required before final payment is made, depending on the size of the job.  The final payment is due on completion of the garden.

Industrial Designer
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